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The Best Cutting Boards 2019 for Daily Kitchen Use

Each and every one of us must cut some vegetables or meat every day while using the knife. Knives cannot be used any where. Specific cutting boards are to be used to cut them. I’ve given you reviews of the Best Kitchen Cutting Boards for you to buy, reviewed from tech x gear

John Boos Edge Grain Cutting Board - Best Wood Cutting BoardBest Wood Cutting Board

  • Multi-Color Choice
  • Made with Perfect shape
  • Choice size from 18, 20, 24 inch
  • Easy to Clean

OXO Good Grips Cutting Board - Best Plastic Cutting BoardBest Plastic Cutting Board

  • Black and Red Color 
  • Made with durable polypropylene
  • Multi Size available
  • Easy to clean

Totally Bamboo Serving​​ Cutting Board - Best Bamboo Cutting Board

Best Bamboo Cutting Board

  • Neutral Color 
  • Made with organically grown Moso bamboo
  • Multi Size but in set
  • Easy to clean

How we recommend cutting broad for your kitchen accessories?

Usually, a minimum of 15 inch boards is required for cutting materials in the kitchen up to 20 inches, but our exporters have chosen 15 inches for almost all kitchens as normal and sufficient. Many Kitchen Experts prefer cutting boards for their kitchens from 15 to 22 inches, some of which are made of wood and plastic. Those who need more kitchens and slices in the kitchen often use cutting boards from 16 inches to 22 inches.

Wood boards come in end grain and edge grain two styles, and both for this guide we considered. 

End-grain boards made with a number of the board ends glued in together, and they can be more affable on knives because of the edge slides within upper close the wood fibres. Cut off stains are easy to remove when dried. Knife scars or anything else stains themselves after drying, and over time they become smoother and smoother. 


Edge-grain boards combine of the sides of boards glued with together in deflecting strips, into the sides (edges) into frontal up. These boards will, in general, be more enthusiastically on blade edges than end-grain sheets, however, they additionally withstand dampness based breaking and parting better, and they are simpler to clean.

This chart outlines the contrast among end and edge grain pleasantly. 

For our unique guide, we tried a few kinds of wood boards—including maple, cherry, pecan, and Japanese cypress—yet we considered just teak sheets for our 2019 update.

Following quite a while of testing cutting boards, we’ve discovered that those made of teak ward off dampness preferable and require less oiling over different sorts of wood. Most plastic cutting boards are made of either high-density of polyethylene (HDPE) or polypropylene (PP), or sometimes an exclusive mix of polyethylene and polypropylene. In the short form of the contrasts between the two sorts of polymers is that polypropylene is more diligently yet increasingly weak, while polyethylene, especially high-thickness polyethylene, is milder yet progressively adjustable. 

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