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Best Japanese Rice Cookers – Top Five Japanese Rice Cookers Reviews 2019

The best rice cookers are made by individuals who have a legacy of rice as a staple sustenance and have nutted out how to cook it flawlessly. The Japanese know their rice and their experience combined with their exclusive expectations implies they make the best rice cookers available.

Best Japanese Rice Cookers

In the event that you are contemplating purchasing a Japanese rice cooker, here are five I believe are well worth considering:


I need to concede that being so used to cooking rice the conventional way I pondered what all the object was about in utilizing a rice cooker. For what reason would I trouble? All things considered, I astonished myself by concocting five focal points in utilizing a rice cooker, and on the off chance that you will utilize one, get a decent Japanese one.

It keeps rice warm for quite a long time, so I can go out and realize that at any rate, I’ll have something warm to return home to.

It cooks rice impeccably inevitably.

It’s only one less thing I need to watch on the stove while cooking different things, particularly in case I’m utilizing the work.

It can cook different things other than rice so I can default to it for steaming vegetables, and so forth in case I’m short on time or my consideration should be somewhere else.

It permits me breathing space and a chance to focus on different parts of a dish.

In the event that you cook rice frequently, and particularly on the off chance that you adore sushi, a great quality machine merits the cash. Japanese rice cookers are more costly, however, the quality is absolutely there. Here Some of best rice cooker

HOW DOES A RICE COOKER WORK ( Best japanese rice cookers )? 

Enlistment Heating (IH)

The principal rice cookers utilized a component under the cooking dish to cook the rice, yet during the 1980s a few producers presented Induction Heating innovation which is a rotating electric flow warming the whole cooking dish, along these lines making a notwithstanding warming procedure bringing about better tasting rice.

Acceptance warming enables you to utilize a less expensive, bring down quality rice and accomplish a superior outcome than utilizing top notch rice in an ordinary rice cooker.

Fluffy Logic Technology (Best rice cooker 2019)

Have you thought about how a rice cooker figures out how to cook rice superbly without fail? It’s the Fuzzy Logic – computerized reasoning in the rice cooker’s chip that modifies the power and cooking time to each heap of rice you put into it, advancing flavor and surface. Japaneses rice cooker

There are two kinds of Fuzzy Logic: Micom and Neuro. Micom Fuzzy Logic works out how to precisely cook the rice by speculating and estimating, and after that altering the settings for that one cooking session. Neuro-Fuzzy Logic can do this and in addition recall the information to refine future cooking sessions, giving better and more reliable outcomes each time until the point when it is flawless.

Rice cookers with Fuzzy Logic are streamlined for cooking various types of rice and can create distinctive surfaces from sushi to porridge.


Any better than average rice cooker ought to have at any rate cook and keep warm controls, and the last should keep the rice warm without it drying out.

A rice cooker must be able to cook all the various types of rice well: white, dark-colored, multigrain, sushi, and so forth.

When settling on the limit you should consider how much rice you will eat in one supper, and furthermore in one day. In the event that you get a kick out of the chance to have cooked rice primed and ready for the duration of the day, at that point get something like a 5 glass limit cooker.

I observe this size to be extraordinary for simply my family, however in the event that I need to cook for a group, which is regularly, I require a major one. It’s in every case great to have that choice so you realize you can broaden your accommodation.

Umami Setting

This is discretionary, yet on the off chance that you cherish rice, you will welcome this additional component and make the most of your rice more. We’re acquainted with four fundamental flavors which are identified on various parts of our tongue: sweet, acrid, salty and severe. Umami, from the Japanese word for ‘good flavor,’ is viewed as the fifth flavor and portrays the level of appetizing flavor.

The Umami setting separates the sugar from the rice into the encompassing water. The sugar then reattaches to the outside of the grain making the rice taste better.

I adore having an Umami setting since I realize that great tasting rice enhances Asian cooking and conveys more compliments to the culinary expert!

Similarly, as with most electronic apparatuses, there are regularly additional highlights that sound extraordinary and knock up the cost, yet in all actuality, a great many people infrequently or never utilize them, or they are only not on a par with a committed machine.

Something else to consider is what else can the rice cooker cook? In the event that you need to exploit the machine taking every necessary step toss as much in as you can. Would it be able to steam vegetables? Would it be able to cook meat?

The exact opposite thing to ask yourself is ‘The manner by which simple is it to clean?’ Some Japanese rice cookers accompany separable tops making cleaning a breeze. You will need to check the machine for any hole or spaces where water or buildup may gather and how the machine manages that.

In light of all that, how about we proceed onward to looking at some Japanese rice cookers.

1. Zojirushi Induction Heating Pressure Rice Cooker & Warmer 1.8 Liter, Stainless Brown NP-NVC18

Regardless of whether you are a rice specialist or a cook who cherishes to investigate new courses with rice, the numerous highlights of this Zojirushi rice cooker will keep you glad.

And in addition Fuzzy Logic, it utilizes enlistment warming joined with weight cooking. Those of you who utilize a weight cooker comprehend its advantages. At the point when joined with enlistment warming, the outcomes are great.

While acceptance warming gives steady all overheat, the weight cooking highlight enables the cooker to achieve higher temperatures meaning the rice cooks better and remains gentler for more, which is favorable position on the off chance that you are putting away the cooked rice or keeping it warm. More or less, the weight cooking upgrades the acceptance warming capacities.

On the off chance that you acknowledge great rice and comprehend it’s diverse uses, surfaces, and flavors, at that point, you will make great utilization of this japanese rice cooker zojirushi.

The multi-menu cooking capacities incorporate settings for cooking white rice, blended grain rice, sushi, porridge, darker rice, and GABA dark colored rice. It likewise has an exceptionally helpful snappy cooking alternative. The Umami setting expands the drenching and steaming time delivering more extravagant enhanced rice.


► Acceptance Heating, Pressure Cooking, and Fuzzy Logic

► Multi-menu cooking capacities

► Platinum imbued non-stick surface on cooking dish


► May have an excessive number of capacities for the normal cook

Check Price & Buy on Amazon

Some Most Relevant zojirushi rice cooker 

2. Tiger JAX-T10U-K 5.5-Cup (Uncooked) Micom Rice Cooker with Food Steamer & Slow Cooker, Stainless Steel Black

  • Micom Technology
  • 10 cooking settings in 1
  • Spherical inner pot (1.5-mm) with non-stick coating
  • An easily removable inner lid
  • 2 Preset Cooking Timers (up to 24 hours)
  • Removable Steam cap
  • Automatic ‘Keep Warm’ (up to 12 hours)
  • Available in 2 sizes: 5.5 cups (uncooked), 10 cups (uncooked)

Most Popular Cooker Brand  Tiger rice cooker

In spite of the fact that the Tiger JAX-T10U-K does not utilize enlistment warming, it has a decent scope of down to earth highlights making it exceedingly valuable on an everyday dimension.

In addition to the fact that it cooks rice, the Cook Synchro-Cooking capacity enables you to cook other sustenance in a different bowl alongside the rice, keeping the flavors isolated and keeping up flavor honesty. This is an extraordinary element for occupied individuals or who are out the vast majority of the day. It is likewise a moderate cooker, steamer and hotter.

The 5.5 container limit is sufficiently huge for regular cooking for most families so on the off chance that you eat an assortment of dinners and are occupied, this Tiger rice cooker would be a solid match.


► Removable inward cover and steam top for simple cleaning

► Inward pot thickness 1.5mm


► Does not utilize enlistment warming

► Non-retractable rope

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3. Aroma Housewares Professional (6 Cup uncooked rice resulting in 12 Cup Cooked rice), Rice Cooker, Food Steamer & Slow Cooker, Stainless Steel Exterior

Limit: yields up to 12-measure of cooked rice
Steams meat and vegetables while rice cooks beneath

Simple to utilize, computerized controls with programmed Keep-Warm and White Rice, Brown Rice, Steam, Slow Cook, Oatmeal, Soup and Cake capacities

The sauté-then-stew work gives high warmth to sautéing the naturally changes to stew once the fluid is included

Sensor Logic innovation self-changes for predominant outcomes

Incorporates Steam Tray, Rice Measuring Cup, and Serving Spatula.

How about we change the subject. You need to cook a cake and leave rice for one more day. All things considered, you can do that with this rice cooker. You can even make risotto and dark colored sustenance with the Sauté-Then-Simmer capacity, and you can cook any grain you like. With those sorts of choices, you will have every one of your dinners secured.

Aroma Housewares Professional The postpone clock can be modified up to 15 hours ahead of time, and afterward, it can change to the keep warm setting to stretch that time significantly further. This element collaborated with the bigger than the standard limit is incredible in addition to for preparing for huge dinners.

The Teflon covered skillet might be an or more to some because of it is non-stick and simple clean surface, and a disadvantage to other people, contingent upon your needs.

On the off chance that you are worried about the likelihood of the Teflon falling off into your nourishment, at that point you might be better going for a Japanese rice cooker with a platinum-injected non-stick surface. Teflon is useful for low-temperature cooking, however, does not stand up well to the high temperatures required to cook rice.


► Expansive limit with regards to the cost

► Cooks different things other than rice, including cakes

► Separable rope


► May not play out the additional elements of moderate cooking, and so forth also

► The Teflon covering may concern a few people

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4. Panasonic SR-DF181 10-Cup (Uncooked) One-Touch “Fuzzy Logic” Rice Cooker

Smaller scale PC fluffy rationale controlled changes control contingent upon how much rice is being cooked for exact cooking and more steady outcomes.

The simple one-catch task with advantageous cooking symbols.

Incorporates steaming crate, rice scoop and estimating glass, separable power string

The menu incorporates White Rice, Brown Rice, Porridge/Soup, Steam/Quick Cook, Keep Warm capacity

Measures 10-1/4-inch (d) by 13/16-inch (w) by 9 5/8-inch (h), 7.5-pound., white wrap up. NOTE: Please guarantee to quantify rice in the glass that joins the item ONLY

The Fuzzy Logic highlight of this rice cooker does not indicate Micom or Neuro, so I get its Micom. You’ve most likely worked out at this point cost mirrors the dimension of complexity with rice cookers, thus it is with the Panasonic.

In the event that you simply need to get your rice cooked and into the children’s mouths or you aren’t fastidious about your rice, at that point this cooker will most likely work admirably for you. Its specs demonstrate it is dependable and prepared for the whole deal of cooking rice, yet at the same time gives you an assortment of alternatives to fluctuate your menu.

Its non-stick dish is anything but difficult to clean, and the one-catch activity is fast and simple enough to delegate to the children. One clever component is the arch molded cover anticipating water gathering and reappearing the substance of the cooking dish.


panasonic rice cooker

► Non-stick dish

► One-catch activity


► Markings on cooking dish hard to peruse

► The cover isn’t separable

► No, convey handle

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5. Tiger JNP-1800-FL 10-Cup (Uncooked) Rice Cooker and Warmer

Since Tiger Corporation was established in 1923, we have kept on conveying open family items for day by day living. Everything began with glass vacuum bottles and proceeded to grow to rice cookers, treated steel drink holders, electric water warmers, and other cooking apparatuses. With the quality of our vacuum protection innovation and other inventive items we presented, we have possessed the capacity to convey accommodation and solace to our clients in an assortment of regular situations.


► There’s a reason it’s been around for this long – this old-school ordinary rice cooker is straightforward and simple to utilize, yet makes dependably scrumptious rice, and keeps it warm. Not much else, but rather that is exactly what a few people require.

► A standout amongst the most moderate rice cookers out there, but since it’s made in Japan, it doesn’t bargain on quality.


► It fails to measure up as far as innovation and cooking strategies to the more up to date models and is extremely useful for making white rice.

Check Price & Buy on Amazon

Albeit all these rice cookers are great machines, they each serve specific needs and spending plans, and in the event that you pick the one that suits your style and spending plan, you will be content. Notwithstanding, being an admirer of rice and specific about its flavor, it’s a simple decision for me – I would pick the Zojirushi Heat Induction Pressure Rice Cooker. Made in Japan, Zojirushi recognize what its clients are searching for and have thought of the best highlights to take advantage of rice. It is more expensive than the others, yet eating the measure of rice my family and I eat, we will effortlessly get an incentive out of a decent quality machine like this one japanese rice cookers.

So on the off chance that you are an admirer of Asian sustenance, you will value the estimation of delectable tasting rice, and the distinction it makes to an Asian feast.

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