The 10 Best Wood Planer 2020-Ultimate Buying Reviews & Guide Now

Welcome to the review of the Best wood planer available in the market right now. In this content you are going to find the wood planer for your work, hopefully, it’s going to be much helpful for you to find the right thing you need.

If you are working with wood as a professional carpenter or as a hobby then you need all tools to work. Your workhouse is very much incomplete without a wood planer to cut the wood and give a plane shape. 

If you are a woodworker you definitely know that planers are used to make knots smooth and hard ages inboard. If you want to give your work a professional finish then you need a planer for it. 

We know there is another kind of planer available in the market that is a hard planer but that won’t be effective like the electric planer. We are now going to talk about 10 best planers that would be best for your job. 

You will be very glad to have one thickness planer when you come to realize how much money and time you are saving by it. 

You shouldn’t think about its limited functionality because when you have one of them you will be able to work faster than before and save a lot of money. Besides that, it’s a handy tool for your workshop. So you don’t get difficulties working with it. 

Not all thickness planers are going to work the best for you. You need to know which one is going to make you glad. But you don’t need to research it and waste your time. We found the best 10 planers will help you the best and fit in your budget. 

So check out our review and buying guide for it. Check out our most top reviews about Tech Gear.

Top 10 Best Wood Planer 2020

Best thickness planers listed 

We are now about to talk a planer that is under $600

DEWALT DW735 13-Inch Two Speed Thickness Planer

Invest money for a long term with the Dewalt DW735 that guarantees you to get a long lasting product to work with. If you purchase this product then you don’t need to change planer every time and waste your money. This saves your money. This machine runs on powerful 15-amp motor, 

That is very powerful to make the woods smooth and cut the edges of hardboards very easy. Since it’s only 92 pounds so it’s very lightweight to work freely. 

It has a two speed gearbox and three knife cutter head that delivers 96 or 179 cuts per inch. It’s cutter head speed is10,000 revolutions per minute and motor speed is 20,000 revolutions per minute. For and well smooth finish you can use 96 cuts per inch. 

The planer has a chip ejection system that is fan assisted. Although it has a dust hose adapter and dust ejector that breaks down debris leaves the cutter head, and blows it into one of the two dust.

It’s dust collecting system is very well planned. The dust disappears from the chip onto the floor as you use the planer and another dust makes a connection to activate you to use a vacuum hose or dust-collector hose. 


  1: It’s a lightweight machine

  2: Long time useable 

  3: 2 speed gearbox


  1:It has no spare knife. 

Whoever needs an electric planer that is under $350, this is for you. Read it carefully please. 

WEN 6552T 13-inch 15 Amp 3-Blade Benchtop Corded Thickness Planer.

The WEN 6552T thickness planer is offering you to give an extra-ordinary smooth finish to a fatigued wood. By the help of this machine you can bring old spiky boards to your life back. 

It has the most powerful 15Amp motor that serves you a well cutting experience with 25,000 cuts per minute and 26ft per minute feed rate. You can adjust height by it since it has the system enabled defaultly. You can plane board upto 13-inch wide and 6-inch T. You can give a minimal shape you want. 

It is able to work so smoothly that it wouldn’t leave a single mark on the boards. This machine comes with a granite table to move the boards smoothly. Since this machine has a dust port that blows out the dust out of the machine. The granite helps your boards to be stable in the center. 

This machine is very capable of doing it’s work. Although it’s a very lightweight machine, it’s only 66 pounds. The onboard planning gage keeps the user informed of how many materials are removed by each pass. This planer is wobble proof because it has a sturdy heavy duty cast iron base. This has 3 blades that cuts your boards very smooth and gives your work a well finish.

You can see that this machine has so many facilities in just under &350. That’s why this machine confirms a top position on our review. 


  1: Powerful 15Amp motor.

  2: 2 years warranty.

  3: lightweight and easy to use.


  1:  Single speed planer. 

DELTA POWER TOOLS 22-555 Portable Thickness Planer 

 If you want to avoid mistakes and want a perfect smooth finish of your board then the Delta Power Tools thickness planer would be suitable for you. You can get your various words with it perfectly. If you are dealing with woods professionally or as a hobby you need to know that this product is not made for heavy uses. By the help of it’s powerful 15Amp motor you can do small and medium woodworks. This machine has dual edge and disposable blades and has an infeed and outfeed to decrease snipe. It has an unique knives system that comes with it and you can easily exchange the blades to plane soft and hardwoods. 

You don’t need to think of your money because you can be sure that you are investing your money in the right place. It is the product that’s in your budget. This machine is built with premium quality material and offers you a long lasting use of time. The adjustable infeed and outfeed tables on the front and the back will help you to work effortlessly. Since it has an open design the user can see another side from the back and can keep a look at how much wood he is pushing. 

The dust port supports you to easily collect the dust you are cutting from wood or hardboards. 


  1: 5 years warranty]

  2: Lightweight

  3: Powerful motor included


  1: Can’t be used in heavy work.

We are now going to talk about Dewalt’s another model that is also under $600

DEWALT DW735X Two-Speed 13-inch Thickness Planer.

Best Wood Planer

The Dewalt two speed DW735X is a wood planer which has three double-edged knives featuring a cutter head equipped with it. The planer can 10,000 revolutions per minute and the 15Amp motor can construct 20,000 revolutions per minute The ultimate best wood planer. 

You are able to cut a depth of 6 inches with it. The cuts can be measured like this 24*22*18.8inches. This machine is very lightweight to store in your workshop and work with it. It is only 105 pounds. The planer is very capable in its job. It can cut 96 cuts per inch or even 179 cuts per hour, these are very accurate and depend on how you want it to cut. 

The plane boards can be cutted deep as 1-8 inch as per you need and it works very smoothly. You won’t find any flying dust while working because it has a dust hose adaptor that cleans the dust you cut from wood. The manufacturer offers 3 years of warranty and 1 year of free servicing with the product, that will definitely attract you to it. 


  1: Has 3 years solid warranty

  2: Two speed gearbox

  3: Has double edged 3 blades.


  1: Little expensive for some users. 

You are now about to read about a woodlaner under $500.

Grizzly G0505 12-½-inch Thickness planer

The Grizzly Thickness planer is made for durable metal that makes it very tough. It’s price is surprisingly low. You may think that this machine is very costly but when you come to know it’s facility at a very affordable price then you can realize this would be the wood-planer you are searching for. This machine is built for long lasting use and premium quality metal. 

You will be very glad to have this planer in your workshop when you know that you can give a smooth finish and cut edges of all kinds of woods.

When it cuts the woods you can see a very well result since it has two knives at the cutter head. 

The wood planer offers you 10,000 revolutions and a feed rate of 32 feets per minute with a great 2 horsepower motor. 

It can cut maximum 6 -inch height, width 12-½ inch, it can cut 3/32 inch deep maximum. It’s minimum board thickness is 13/64 inch. 

It stays in a sturdy way and sits fixed and doesn’t wobble. The wood planer is very lightweight, that’s why it’s simple to carry anywhere.  It makes super fine cuts and gives your boards a well smooth finish.

You can use ear protection while working because it seems a bit louder during working. But you can take ear protection if you don’t want to hear noises, it will be great to work with it and enjoyable. 

Without that issue, this machine is very good for getting your job done and it constructs smooth plane woods that you need. 

It has a well feature that’s called thermal overload protection that prevents overheating of the machine. Although it has a safety lock for your protection. 


  1: Built with well metal

  2: Affordable price

  3: Easy to set up


 1: Little bit loud while working.

Cutech 40600H-CT 13’ Spiral cutterhead Thickness Planer. 

If you want a planer that cuts any kind of wood and gives a smooth finish then you can have a look at this Cutech 40600H-CT machine. It is just the professional model you are looking for. It would be the great choice for you doesn’t matter if you work with wood professionally or as a hobby. 

It has a quick depth stop. 

It is very lightweight to carry anywhere. It’s made from durable aluminium base to last long. Since it has two sided cutting inserts that’s why you can work with it as you want. 

You can cut hard woods by it cause it has a powerful 15Amp motor that is very much ready to do the work. This has a very perfect size infeed and outfeed table to do all kinds of projects since the table size is 14”x9”.

You can have great control on it because you get 4 leveling screw posts. You are getting a 7 spiral cutter head with a very well dust controlling system. 

After your work you can surely see the absolute finish of your woods and a finer smooth finishing. 

It’s going to give you robust performance since it is featured with height adjustable quality. 


  1: It is very lightweight

  2: Spiral cutter head

  3: Absolute dust controlling system


  1: Maybe a little expensive for some users. 

Delta Power Tools 22-555 Thickness planer

This Wood planer named Delta power tools 22-555 comes with all the possible things you need to work in your workshop. It offers you a very powerful 15Amp motor that can cut any kind of wood and give a well smooth finishing. 

The spiral cutter head allows you to use those blades for a long time besides that it has high-speed-steel that is able to give wood or boards a smooth finishing. 

The blades are very strong and durable. They are also easy to replace and able to work for you who you want. Your wood surface doesn’t need to be smooth with sanding paper. 

You can do your work with this machine very easily and time saving. The infeed and outfeed tables size is 14”x14”. That is a perfect size for any kind of woodworking. 

It has a dust port that comes with it built in so that you don’t have to find difficulties to clear the dust and wont happering your work.That’s why it’s very popular for woodworking. 

You will be very glad to see it’s capability of working and surely don’t have any regret to spend money on it. Besides that this machine is offering you a solid 12 years warranty that is super amazing.   


  1: Comes with a 12 year warranty.

  2: Perfect size of infeed and outfeed table

  3: Has a 15Amp motor


  1: A little bit noisy while working.

It’s time to talk about a planer that is under $350 and fits in your budget.

RIKON POWER TOOLS 25-1300H 13-Inch Thickness planer

Every woodworker wants to give a smooth and fine cut to soft or hardwood. So you need the perfect tool for that. Here is the perfect one that suits your work and you will definitely love to have the Rikon Power Tools wood-planer. Sometimes you find it very noisy from other machines while working, but this machine is very low noisy compared to others. So, you don’t have to take ear protection and your neighbors won’t get disturbed. 

Since it has an automatic cutter hand lock that’s why it can change the blades very easily and find no difficulties in rotating and changing cutters.In order to keep the wood straight the machine has a segmented cutter head. The dust collecting procedure is very fine in this machine. A dust collector is connected with it so that dust can’t fly and makes your place a garbage.  

It’s knives come with a very good system that if it is worn or damaged you just simply can loosen it, rotate and tighten it and you are very much ready to work with it again.  


  1: Powerful 15Amp motor

  2: 5 years warranty

  3: Changing blades are very easy


  1: quite expensive for some users

Makita 2012NB 12-inch Thickness planer

This is the planer you should have in your workshop if you are working with wood. The makita 2012NB has all features that a woodworker needs to make a wood edge plane and give an excellent smooth finishing. 

It comes with a smooth and small design that is very lightweight. It’s weight is about 60 pounds. It’s very handy, that’s why it can be carried to many worksites.

You can’t just judge it on the basis of it’s small size but if you work with it then you can realize it’s a very powerful piece of machine. It can cut a maximum 12-inch width, ⅛ inch depth and planning depth is 1/16th of an inch since it has an 8,500 revolutions per minute motor. It’s noise producing rate is very low. So, actually you don’t have to take ear safety and it will be very much perfect for new woodworkers cause it’s easy to operate. 

It has a LED light built in so you can see properly while working at night time. It is a bit expensive but it is the right product to invest money on.

This machine has some extraordinary features that’s are well dust collecting system, easy change of blades, a toolbox, double edge planer blade. 


  1: 1 year warranty

  2: Noise is very low

 3: 8,500 revolutions per minute motor


  1: Much expensive comparing others

Buying Guide:

While you are investing your money on a thickness wood-planer then you must know which product is going to be the best and why? You must keep an eye at some point to buy a planer. I am going to tell you about that and suggest some important points to look up before buying one of them. 

So, read the points very carefully.

#Powerful motor:

You know every electric machine runs with a motor. The motor needs to be very powerful to do its job perfectly. The most important part of your thickness planer is a robust motor that can make the machine tough and run how you want. The motor should be so powerful, that the machine can handle any kind of wood no matter hard wood or soft. The motor should produce a high RPM. 

These planers generally come with 2 types of motors. They are electric induction motors and electric universal motors. The first one is very durable, sturdy, much powerful in its work but it’s heavy and non portable. Besides that, the electric universal motor is lightweight, portable and not suitable for heavy work. 

We have shown you both types of machines. Now it’s your choice which one you are going to purchase for your workshop on the basis of your needs. 


The budget is a very important thing when you go to buy a thickness planer. There are various kinds of planers available in the market. But it’s up to you which planer are you going to purchase. But look carefully at what features the planer is offering you into your budget and obviously look at the warranty time. 


The thickness planer you are buying to work at your workshop must be made of premium quality material. The materials should be very durable and more sturdy. In order to use the machine for a long time you must have a durable building quality. So, you don’t have to buy the planer again and again after some days. 

You should know if the machine is going to wobble or not, it also depends on sturdy material. 

Planer size:

Your thickness planers size shouldn’t be too big or too small. It should be a perfect size for a store in the workshop and should be fit on a table while working. If it’s too big then you can’t take it to the working sites if you are working professionally. So, make a decent size of choice for your thickness planer. 

Less noisy: 

Sometimes you have trouble with your planer to work with because it’s too noisy. Your neighbors get disturbed and they complain to you. The big problem is if you have kids they can have ear problems and you will get affected the most. So you have to take safety for you. You can prevent that problem, when you go to buy a planer you must know how much noise it’s going to produce. You should purchase that one which is not going to bother your ears. 

Some Most Common FAQ Buy The Best Wood Planer :

Question- Does those wood planers are best in the market?

Ans: Yes. These wood planers are going to make you glad by their capability of work perfectly. 

Question- Are these machines not going to overflow my budget?

Ans: Absolutely no. All these machines we talked about here are very budget friendly for everyone.

Question- Does all planners are portable?

Ans: No. Some machines we showed you are lightweight, portable and not suitable for heavy working and some machines are a little bit high weighted, not portable always and fit for every kind of work.

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