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How to Load a Heavy Duty Stapler? Step by Step Guide and Video Tutorial

A heavy duty stapler performs light work of long office documents, however many office workers don’t know how to refill them. The workplace stress by learning how to refill the device so you never have to worry about running out throughout an important encounter. Heavy duty staplers reach in both electronic and manual formats read full How to Load a Heavy Duty Stapler.

Here is Step by Step Guide How to Load  Heavy Duty Stapler

Load a Heavy Duty Stapler Step 1

Place the stapler on a flat surface. Then push in and up on the back side of that stapler continuously the stapler slide mechanism pops out.

Load a Heavy Duty Stapler Step 2

Pull the stapler slide mechanism out of the back of the stapler so there is room to inject the staples.

Load a Heavy Duty Stapler Step 3

Inject the staples onto the stapler slide. Top of staples should face up, as shown.

Load a Heavy Duty Stapler Step 4

Re-inject the slide tool back into the stapler slide. Push all the way continuously flush with the back of that stapler. Push up so hooks on the back of tool can grab onto the stapler.

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How To Use Effiliv – Load Heavy Duty Stapler with Staples Set 90 Sheet Capacity – Video Tutoria

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