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Surgical Gowns Manufacturer

Surgical gowns are personal protective equipment used by many people in health care. Surgical gowns are used by surgeons and the surgical team for all types of procedures. Modern surgical gowns provide a breathable, protective barrier for the surgeons and all health care providers.

Surgical gowns provide barrier protection to prevent blood strike through and fluid contamination. Most surgical gowns are sterile and come in a wide variety of sizes and versions. Surgical gowns can be purchased alone or within surgical packs. There are many surgical packs for frequently performed procedures.

Surgical Gowns Manufacturer

Surgical gowns are produced non-reinforced or reinforced. Non-reinforced surgical gowns are less durable and designed for surgical procedures with low to moderate fluid contact. Reinforced surgical gowns have reinforced protection in specific critical areas for more invasive and intense surgical procedures.

Surgical gowns cover and provide a barrier for important areas from the shoulders to the knees and wrists. Surgical gowns are usually made with Set-In sleeves or Raglan Sleeves. Surgical gowns come with and without a towel.

Most surgical gowns are made from a fabric called SMS. SMS stands for Spunbond Meltblown Spunbond. SMS is a lightweight and comfortable non-woven fabric that provides a protective barrier.

Surgical gowns are usually rated by their AAMI level. AAMI is the Association of the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation. AAMI was formed in 1967 and they are a primary source of many medical standards. AAMI has four protection levels for surgical gowns, surgical masks, and other protective medical equipment.

Cardinal Health™ Surgical Gowns

At Cardinal Health, we’re committed to ensuring your safety every step of the way. By crafting surgical gowns with integrity and care, we’re proud to give you everything you need, so you can be certain that you have the right gown for every procedure. When you choose Cardinal Health, you’re getting more than physical product. We’re dedicated to making sure you have what is needed to give you peace of mind. Insights that give your staff every advantage. Integrity that’s woven into every product we craft. A portfolio of products that accommodate every need.

Features and benefits

We are committed to helping you select the best protection for each procedure. New enhancements to the Cardinal Health™ Non-Reinforced AAMI Level 3 Surgical Gown make it easier for you to find and select the appropriate level of protection.

  • AAMI Level 3 and AAMI Level 4 Surgical Gown options.
  • Multiple size options to ensure the right fit at the right AAMI Level.
  • Quickly differentiate between AAMI Level 3 and AAMI Level 4 gowns based on the color-coded packaging and the new royal blue color of our AAMI Level 3 Non-Reinforced Surgical Gown.


Surgical gowns
disposable surgical gown

Product Specification of Surgical Gown Full Set

Gown Per Set:

  • 1 Surgical Gown,
  • 2 Surgical Shoe Pire, 
  • 1 Surgical head Cap
Usage/Application Hospital / Banks/ Office
Color Blue, White, Green, Orange, etc
Material Type Non-Woven
Size Medium, Large, Small
Supply From Manufacture
Is It Disposable Disposable
Minimum Order 20000 PCS  

Order Type

Payment Type Letter of Credit (L/C)
Delivery Time and Price  Gives Us Your
Mail and Number
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